Ramblings and Stories

by Ishmael O. Ross

Blog-like articles, short stories, rants, opinions and other things.

Mars Sucks

Blog Post (10 June, 2021)

Space exploration could be cool. It should be cool. Dreaming of the stars, discovering new worlds, unknown planets, deciphering the mysteries of the universe would be noble goals if only……

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Short Story (27 May, 2021)

It’s not even cold. Wow, that sounds stupid. I mean, if there was an award for most awkward last thoughts, this would win it. No last words here, no words at all, in fact. There is no air, and even if there was any, well, who would, who could even hear me? There is no one left. I am alone, so alone, and not only because I am in the process of being lost in space…

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Blog Post (26 May, 2021)

Welcome to my humble blog. I'll try to keep it entertaining and informative, but please excuse the occasional ramblings (cue in the blog page title.)…

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