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Blog Post (26 May, 2021)

Welcome to my humble blog. I'll try to keep it entertaining and informative, but please excuse the occasional ramblings (cue in the blog page title.)

Since I’ve never done an author-blog before, I am not entirely sure what exactly I should fill this space with. I could guess as much as it should be the same as any other normal" blog, but since I’ve never done that either, this is not really helping.

So I’ll just go with it as it comes, when it comes, and I'm already sure this will be most irregular. I know that regularly writing new content is all the marketing rage, but I consider it spamming the internet with meaningless rabble. I’ll write when I have something new, unique and/or meaningful to say, just like I try to write my books. And of course when I know how to say all this.

There will be some short stories (mostly flash-fiction) published here, reprints as well as some original pieces too, so it might even be mildly entertaining at times.

I’m not big on introductions, so I guess this will be it for now, I’ll let the (real) words speak for themselves. If/when there will be any (words).

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